Yocomo is a community project originally initiated by Anne-Lisa de Forest, Jordan Nardone, Miranda Chapman, Nadia Stevens and Roseanne Harvey ~ collectively yogis, teachers, community builders, body workers, activists, environmentalists,entrepreneurs, performers and artists.



In the fall of 2010, Nadia, Roseanne, Miranda and Jordan gathered together to listen to a recording of a “town hall meeting” that had been posted online by Yoga Community Toronto, a grassroots organization that founded Yoga Festival Toronto. The topic on the table for that meeting was ‘Teacher Trainings and Standards: Integrity and Sustainability’ and we only made it about 10 minutes into the recording before we found ourselves in an exciting and inspired discussion of our own: What was really going on in Montréal’s yoga community? Why didn’t we have a cohesive community event or organization that brought together the various styles, practices, lineages and languages? Who were the movers and shakers in our own community? Wouldn’t Montréal be a perfect city for a yoga festival? We decided then and there that we wanted to make something happen in our yoga community.

Thus commenced a year of meetings spent crafting a vision for what we wanted to see blossom within the yoga community in Montréal. We were earnest in the conviction that any successful and dynamic organization came from a strong and clear root system. Once we felt firmly rooted, we were ready to bring this vision and passion out into the public and started to invite others to share with us their dreams and aspirations for the yoga community. Anne-Lisa was at the first of these meetings and, with her unique drive, initiative and dream of the creation of a yoga festival in Montreal, became the fifth element of our group.

Once Anne-Lisa came on board, the missing piece in the puzzle, the project took off and we soon began planning the first annual Yoga Festival Montreal. Between then and 2014 we spent countless hours together dreaming and planning and inspiring each other.
2014 brought major changes to the group as team members went on to pursue new adventures and/or moved away and so Nadia Stevens and Anne-Lisa de Forest, ever-committed to Yocomo and our vision, formed a partnership and pledged to continue with the collective vision. A 4th successful Yoga Festival Montreal in 2015 was the wonderful fruit of this partnership which brought new team members and an increased openness to the community at large with karma workshops and a continued effort towards the inclusion of individual practitioners, families and children. Meet the Yocomo team