Yocomo’s Vision

Yocomo (Yoga Communauté Montréal/Yoga Community Montréal) is a grassroots community organization that recognizes, fosters and strives to share the breadth of practice, skill and integrity of yoga in Montréal. We are an umbrella organization that promotes, produces, and participates in yoga events big and small throughout the city.The intention of Yocomo is to celebrate our local teachers and practitioners and to increase the awareness and accessibility of  yoga and wellness within the Montreal community. Motivated by a desire to connect the currents of yoga in Montréal, Yocomo is expanding yoga from the studio out into the community at large.

We believe:

  •       in the accessibility of yoga for everyone regardless of language, socio-economic status, ability, body type, creed, lifestyle
  •       in the endless pursuit of knowledge
  •       in conversation and dialogue, holding space for difference and disagreement
  •       that yoga is more than asana
  •       that yoga is an empowering and transformative practice
  •       that yoga can be a catalyst for community building and social change
  •       that yoga must respond to what’s actually happening both on and off the mat: in the community and the culture of this time

By coming together for  practice, dialogue and celebration, the yoga community can plant the seeds of transformation on a larger scale—yoga can challenge consumerism, militarism, sexism, racism… Be part of this change!

Yocomo’s Mission

We connect the community of yoga practitioners in Montréal in a way that supports the exchange of ideas, creativity and growth. We empower individuals by connecting the vast range of traditions and practices of yoga. We strive to make yoga, in all its forms, accessible and transparent, demystifying its role in western culture and sharing its potential for empowering and uplifting the community.

Yocomo aims to achieve this through:

  •    organizing an annual festival to celebrate the vibrant diversity of our community and to share all limbs of yoga with the broader Montreal community
  •    Facilitating regular continued education, workshops and mentorship for teachers and practitioners
  •    collaborating with other local community organizations, festivals and events