Ten Reasons To Yfm20151

Top Ten Reasons to go to the 5th Annual Montreal Yoga Festival

Blog written by Jocelyn Townsend

  1. Where else can you find over 55 of Montreal’s leading experts in the field of Yoga in one place. YFM is committed to hosting and supporting our local Yoga community. All the teachers that you will encounter can be found within the GMA.
  2. It’s bigger and better than ever! YFM has added a fifth stream of workshops as well as an extended Friday, to better meet the demands of the community. With so much diversity, you can expect to find everything from Ayurvedic medicine, to fun filled flows, to a brief history of yoga.
  3. YOCOMO is making Yoga accessible. If finances are an issue for you, YFM is the most affordable Yoga festival in eastern Canada. If even at that, finances are tight, don’t fret! YFM has a stream of publically accessible by donation classes in the Karma Room to assure that Yoga is available to everyone, regardless of financial privileges.
  4. YFM supports our local economy. YFM is one of the only Yoga festivals in Montreal that only invites local vendors and artisans in its marketplace.
  5. YFM emphasizes sustainability. YOCOMO as an organization is eco-conscious. We put effort into finding vendors that are not only local, but take protocols towards sustainability.
  6. YFM is the only grassroots festival in Montreal. YFM is founded and organized by locals from the Montreal Yoga community for the Montreal Yoga community.
  7. Build local community. Holding to the vision of building a well connected yoga community, YFM employs local teachers and local volunteers to help solidify connections within the yoga community.
  8. Mental wellness. Psychological fact: Curiosity, exploration and healthy stimulation are a means to maintaining longevity. Yoga and meditation have been proven forms of treatment for PTSD, anxiety and depression. Combining the two might just be the recipe you or a loved one might need in order to invite positive change into you life.
  9. Get to know your Yoga Teacher’s peers. Because YFM engages only local teachers it gives you the rare opportunity to get to know your teacher’s peers, teacher’s teacher and an opportunity to get a taste for the people that help influence the practices that you’ve been taught.
  10. Enjoy a festival without having to drop your entire life. For many festivals can feel inaccessible because they are so far away and we need to put our lives on hold in order to attend. YFM is in Montreal, allowing you to experience the festival high, without the hassle of having to completely reorganize your life.

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